Info Silent Deceiver (GB)

The name „Silent Deceiver“ should not be taken literally, but should be understood as sarcasm. This band rocks the stages despite or even because of their different musical tastes with a varied repertoire. The band attaches great importance to catchy arrangements and melodies.

They describe their musical style as “old fashioned mainstream rock”. The music is marked by groovy guitars, impulsive beats and a big part of melody with a distinctive choral singing.

Far away from any synthetically sounds, Silent Deceiver rocks the stage with immense ”fire in the ass and adrenaline in blood” without forgetting the emotional ballads.

The songs from the band which originates from the greater area of Aachen displace the listener in a very good mood. The selection of songs, delight in playing the songs live and their presence on stage create the right mixture for a successful concert. Every “Silent Deceiver “gig sees the audience being involved in the musical event and the people are motivated to become an active part of their gig.

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